Are We Selling Our Soul To The Devil…. Trump?

donald_trumpConservatism in America has had a proud tradition, tracing our roots back to Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, and culminating in Ronald Reagan.  Conservatism saved this country from the ruinous policies from Johnson to Carter.  My friends, we have lost our way.  Eight years with Bush we lost our soul, embracing big government and throwing away our guaranteed rights to keep government out of lives under the false pretenses of keeping America safe.  Now we have had six years of Obama, who is essentially Bush on steroids.  Like that plaid shirt in our closet, we have ignored; sure it may not be the most fashionable but hey it’s warm and very comfortable to wear.

We conservatives have endured a lot over the last decade and half; we have suffered so much that we are willing do anything to win, even giving up our principals.  The latest evidence of conservatism selling it’s soul to the devil is the rush of conservatives to support the likes of Donald Trump.  Trump?  Really, Trump?  What has happen to us?  From Ann Coulter, to Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity, the conservative talking heads have lost their freakin’ minds!  Trump is a chameleon willing to adapt to whatever suites him for the moment.  The man’s only principal is himself.  Case in point; He has in the past given heavily to Democratic party, and now he’s a conservative… what the????  According to Ann Coulter, he’s a business man so therefore we should forgive him.  No friends, this is a sign of a man with no principals.  I’m sure with all this support for the newly found “conservative” Donald Trump, the  conservative movements founder’s have turned over in their graves with the movement selling it’s soul just to win an election.